1. Open your gifs folder

2. Use every twelfth gif


1.So you’ve been home from the Hunger Games for a while now how are things between you and your friends ?

2. How are things between you and your family ?

3. Finally how’re things between you and your co-victor ?

4. So what do you think of having to work on a “talent”

5. Great! so What is it ?

6. The Victory Tour is tomorrow how do you feel about it ?

7. The first people you see are your stylists, Mentor and Capitol representative, your reaction ?

8. Saying goodbye to your friends and family

9. First thing you do on the train to the other districts

10. Reaction to the other Districts

11. How you feel about seeing the families whose children died in the games ?

12. Reaction to revisiting the Capitol

13. After the Victory Tour is over and your back in your own district how do you feel ?

14. How do you feel about being a mentor in the up-coming Quarter Quell ?

15. How do you feel once you find out who is being picked in the 75th Quarter Quell ?

16. Your feelings about what you and the other tributes do at the end of the interview

17. Your reaction when someone asks to be allies

18. What you do for most of the games?

19. What do you do when you realize you aren’t dead?:

20. How do you feel knowing some of your other Allies are being tortured by the Capitol

21. Are you ready for the what is obviously going to become war ?

22. What are you going to do about the other tributes? Especially your Co-victor from 74 ?

23. What are you going to do to President Snow ?